Giaimo’s Playoff Picks – Wednesday (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)



#9 Doggskee Style over #8 2 Skeezy Brothers & A Broadskee: I have gone a long way in touting experience this skeeson, and its value is never more vital than during the playoffs.  If you have been an inconsistent player throughout the season, don’t expect to be on the high side when the pressure of the playoffs is beating down your neck.  Jen Meacham may be the only roller in this match up with any playoff experience, and I was right there with her when she rolled out of her mind for two skeesons in a row when it mattered most.  I think she carries her team to victory.

[Editor’s Note:  No way.  Amber, Billy and Nick have been on fire this skeeson…especially the last few weeks. They win by 50+ points.]

#5 Loud @ Skee over #12 Skeet or Die: The experience factor is back and even more pronounced in this match up.  Matt Pratt and Matt B have been in this situation before.  Pratt has even won the whole damn thing as the weak link of his team so he should be very comfortable being the lowest roller on his team yet again this season.

[Editor’s Note:  Skeet or Die is the squad that upset the #2 team Rice Krispskees in last skeeson’s playoffs.  Loud @ Skee is really really good and I don’t see an upset happening here — unless Mike Waytena can ressurect the ghost of a roller of skeesons past.]

#6 Skee Love over #11 Dyanskee: I also like to reward teams that show steady improvement throughout the season.  Sunil and company have done an excellent job getting better each week (for the most part).  In the playoffs, you need to have some momentum going your way to make a run at the thing.  Given Skee Love’s momentum, and Sunil’s experience as a former champion, I like Skee Love to win handily.

#7 Notorious B.I.Skee over #10 Funkskee:
I was attempted to make one of those obligatory upset picks here like I try to do with the NCAA tournament bracket, but the numbers don’t lie.  Frankly, why pick upsets when people have seeded themselves where they are for a reason.  Notorious is simply the better team.  Sure, Funkskee has some experience, but it’s been a long time since any of their team members has seen the playoffs.

[Editor’s Note: I like Funkskee in this match-up for quite a few reasons.  1) Brad Smith can flat out roll.  2) Stef has found her 40 in a big way.  3) The boys of Notorious aren’t focused like they should be.  They’ve all but thrown the towel in on this skeeson.  High Rolling Stef + Unmotivated Notorious = Funkskee Victory.]


#1 Skeeve McQueen over #9 Doggskee Style: Do you believe in miracles?  Yea, me neither.  The only hope that Doggskee Style has is Alice convincing (read: threatening) Sean to roll all tens to give Doggskee Style a chance.  Not only do I think this scenario is unlikely, but I also think that even with a 180 score from Sean, Skeeve McQueen might actually win.

[Editor’s Note: Alice won’t be around tonight. She emailed me yesterday to say she couldn’t make it but they signed…wait for it….CJ to take her spot.  Doesn’t matter because CJ isn’t God.  And even if he were, they’d still lose to Skeeve McQueen.  Although I picked 2 Skeezy Bros and a Broadskee to be here anyway.  Doesn’t matter either.  Skeeve McQueen advances.]

#5 Loud @ Skee over #4 Skeeriginals:
I’d like to root for the sentimental favorite but I saw what the Skeeriginals did in a pressure situation last week.  It wasn’t pretty.  It’s really a shame because Kevin has been so consistent this year that I thought this team had a chance to make a legitimate run.  Unfortunately, I don’t trust Big Mike or Wendi when it counts.

[Editor’s Note: Loud @ Skee scares me.  They’re goooooooood.]

#3 3MSkees over #6 Skee Love and Special Sauce: This match will be closer than expected but I don’t see how it’s possible for Skee Love to win.  I’ll definitely be rooting for them but they have no chance.  The key for the 3 Ms is Dom Koplar.  When he rolls well, the team doesn’t go below 880.  Maybe, Liz and Kelly can distract him in some way but I don’t love their chances.

#2 Skeefendants over #7 Notorious B.I. Skee: The guys from Notorious are very cool.  We had fun while beating them by 200 during the regular season. Enough said.


#1 Skeeve McQueen over #5 Loud @ Skee:
Why was getting the #3 seed so important?  Because you DO NOT want to play Skeeve McQueen until Super Saturday.  Maybe then they’ll be out of their element and the pressure of
thing could throw them off.  They’re not losing on Wednesday night and I don’t care if the Loud boys throw up a 930.  You let Brian Fudge choose lane 4 and roll a 340 and no one else has a chance.

#2 Skeefendants over #3 3MSkees: Nick, you just beat the 3MSkees in a close Round 3 match.  How’d you do it?  “Thanks Erin.  First of all, I just want to thank my teammates for carrying the team and thank God for giving us all the strength.  We had a hard fought battle with these guys but it really ended when Petot imploded in frame 6 and cost his team a chance to move on.  Brian & Shawn were unbelievably clutch through all ten frames and I was able to roll some high scores when it mattered.  I’m also kind of sorry that Brad’s wife and Dom’s girlfriend each broke up with them because they didn’t want to be with losers.  If they’re listening, my number is ….”

–The One



2 Responses to “Giaimo’s Playoff Picks – Wednesday (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)”

  1. The One Says:

    CJ Replaces Alice and you still like the Brothers? I don’t see it.

  2. Liz Says:

    Would it kill you to be nice all around? Why do you have to add that little pin prick to my heart? From now on all my mean comments will be put into parenthesis so it gets more attention…(you’re a douch)…haha.

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