Pistol Petot’s Playoff Picks – say that 5 times fast (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)


1st Round

#8 Luckskee Charms over #9 Skeebrews

I want to pick Skeebrews because it seems everytime I choose Alyssa she lets me down.  She should be there tonight, if not then I get screwed once more.  If your top roller is averaging a 26 (Jarod) don’t think that is going to get you very far.  Alyssa, Meghan, and Amanda shouldn’t be too nervous for this match-up, just roll your 40’s and everything will come together for these ladies.

[Editor’s Note:  I like the Skeebrews and I miss drinking with them, so tonight should be fun.  That being said, they get crushed (and I mean crushed) by Luckskee Charms.]

#5 TLSkee over #12 Bootskeelicious

The ferocious 3 of TLSkee will dominate this all-lady match and move onto their fav opponent – the dirty boys of Just the Tip.  This 1st round battle will only be a warmup for TLSkee as Bootskeelicious has not reached that level just yet.  If I was you Tutone, Vito, and Taras – I would mix my roll up a bit to get ready for JTP.

#6 Ribs & Whiskee over #11 Skeevil Overlords

Will I Am has prepped his boys for this 1st round battle and I give them my personal approval to move on. Again Skeevil Overlords top roller (Meghan Stewart) only averages a 25 – not gonna get it done.  Ribs & Whiskee should roll well and win by 100.

#7 Dude Have You Skeen My Money Ball over #10 Super Skeeroes

I believe I have picked against Super Skeeroes all skeeson long and I will do the same here.  Caroline concentrates on the lane like no other, Chris has come into his own, and Preston should be able to get enough beer in him to get him going.  Melanie will roll a 26, Jimmy will hopefully roll better than that, and Michelle a 23.  So there you have it.  Your reward: Skeetastic 3!

[Editor’s Note:  Wow, hating on the Super Skeeroes Petot.  Michelle won’t be here tonight, so it all hangs on who they signed as a sub.  Scott Abbott? Jordan? Ryan Molloy?  We shall see….]

2nd Round

#1 Rockhouse Skeevents over #8 Luckskee Charms

Luckskee Charms might as well just go all out for Hundos – being that will be the only chance they have.  Ben, Harris, and HTown will not lose in the 2nd round – that’s a given.  Hundos ladies – Hundos!!!

#5 TLSkee over #4 Just the Tip

The only thing separating the two top rollers of these squads are a foot & a half in height and a fire crotch.  I have to pick 1 upset right?  TLSkee is battle proven and these boys of Just the Tip might be looking forward to a match-up with Rockhouse too early.  Whichever team wins, they won’t break away until the 7th frame.  Just the Tip has finished strong – but watch out boys!  These girls want to move on and stay out late tonight.

[Editor’s note: I love the ladies of TLSkee.  However, Chad thrives on beating Brandon in skeeball.  So Chad will do what Chad does — which is step it up big time for the playoffs.  Expect a JTP win here, and in the next round.  Yes, I said it.]

#3 Gym Class Skeeroes over #6 Ribs & Whiskee

Gym Class isn’t a colorful team – they just get it done.  Brett, Lindsay, and Hunter just step up to the plate and swing at the fences.  Will I Am might need to use his length in this battle and go for the Hundos – if not this could be a long match for the boys.  Gym Class is battle and playoff proven – shouldn’t have much trouble moving on.  Big upset if Ribs & Whiskee pull it out.

#2 Skeetastic 3 over #7 Dude Have you Skeen my Money Balls

Dude Have u Skeen my $ Balls could really use those money balls for this match.  Skeetastic 3 will be primed and ready for this game and they won’t let any of their supporters down.  This squad is determined to move on to Super Saturday and I don’t see anyone stopping them.  Caroline will fill the chart up with 20’s while Preston and Chris try to fill the void but with little effort.  All Skeetastic 3 has to do is nail the Full 40’s over and over again and they will make it to the next step of history.

Round 3

#1 Rockhouse Skeevents over #5 TLSkee

Rockhouse to the Finals – nuff said.

#2 Skeetastic 3 over #3 Gym Class Skeeroes

This one will be the closest – most nail biting match of the evening.  Get your front row seat for this one.  Both teams are battle tested and playoff ready.  Tutone vs. Katrina / Brett vs. Amethyst / Hunter vs. Koko – which match-up will this game rely on.  It’s going to be a good one.  Pretty positive these teams will stay away from Lane 2 – so no telling what could happen.  My gut tells me Skeetastic 3 will be still standing at the end of the night.

— Pistol Petot



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