RockHouse Skeevents presents S9C – Skeeson IX Champs! (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)

Vol IX Issue 21 copy

Well, they called it from Day 1.  Brandon “The Makers Marksman” Harris and Harrison “H-Town” Heiman signed skee agent Ben “Ben Jamin'” Derrick just in time for Skeeson IX and signed a sponsor as well (RockHouse Events) and after much debate finally named themselves “RockHouse Skeevents presents S9C”.

It was no secret to anyone that S9C stood for Skeeson IX Champs, but we all hoped and prayed that somehow these Goliaths of skeeball could be beaten.  But they stood strong when the media (namely Rolling Times and The Wall Skeet Journal) downplayed their accomplishments, when their opponents called them “One Lane Wonders”, and even when certain folks flat out refused to applaud during their presentation of the Champions Chalices.  They stood strong through it all, and in the end they were the ones standing tall atop the lanes….and that’s really all that matters.

So Congrats are due to these three.  It’s Brandon’s third championship (one with The Bourbonators – Skeeson VI, one with Jerry Gar-Skee-A – Skeeson VIII, and now this third one with S9C), Ben Jammin’s second championship (his first as captain of REO Skeedwagon – Skeeson VII), and H-Town’s second as well (his first with Jerry Gar-Skee-A in Skeeson VIII)!

But now the questions have already begun —

1) If Brandon really is “The #1 Skeeballer in America”, can he lead a summer draft team to the title, or can he only win when he signs the top players in the league?  Last summer his squad fell apart and didn’t even make it to the playoffs.  If he truly is the best, his rivals (read: Tom Taylor) think he should be able to lead a random team (Summer league is one captain, one mid player and one “rookie” or third player) to the championship.  But with his fame and fortune on the rise and new-found world fame, he’s taking a European tour this summer, which could cut into Skeeson X.

2) Will Ben Jammin’ return to defend his summer title? Last skeeson he and The Candyman taught Sunil the ways of the Skee and found themselves toppling the mighty G.R.I.T.S. in the championship match.  Is Ben hanging up his beer holster for good?  Or is this cowboy coming back for another rodeo?

3) H-Town will have the “#1 pick” in this summer’s draft, but does he have what it takes to guide a team all by himself? He overtook Brandon for the MVSkee this skeeson, but will his return from Ireland and the resulting time spent catching up with Lindsay instead of finding his 40 hurt his game?

So many questions, so many possible answers.  Congrats to S9C — Skeeson IX Champs!


One Response to “RockHouse Skeevents presents S9C – Skeeson IX Champs! (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)”

  1. H TOWN!!!!! Says:

    Oh I have what it takes! Looking forward to the summer skeeson!

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