Is Adam Lambert the new H-Town?

Adam Lambert vs Kris Allen copy

So perhaps the main TV in the house was tuned into the season finale of American Idol last night.  Before the haters start texting/calling me with their out-dated slurs, I did have the Cavs game on in the bedroom and continued to slip back every few minutes to catch the score, and ultimately caught the entire fourth quarter. (Really Orlando??  I’m calling Cavs win the next 4 straight to take the series.  You read it here first, Cavs over Orlando in 5 games.)

That being said…..WTF!  There’s no way that kid Adam really lost American Idol, is there?  Did the entire state of Arkansas come out to vote 10 ten times each for that Kris kid?  Did Simon purposely throw the competition?  Something is fishy because Adam “I may or may not be into dudes” Lambert has got some major pipes on him while the kid Kris reminds me of most of the guys in college who would sit around strumming their guitars and singing the same old songs with the ultimate goal being getting laid.  Adam got robbed, plain and simple.

I truly can’t remember the last time I witnessed an upset this big.

Oh wait, yes I can……

#32 Josh vs #1 H Town copyAh yes, it’s all coming back now……the first round of this skeeson’s High Rollers Tourney in Charlotte when #32 Josh Klein shocked the world and upset the #1 seed H-Town.  The crowd went nuts, H-Town went nuts, nuts went nuts.  It was crazy.  So crazy in fact that H-Town had to immediately skip the country for a few weeks to get himself right mentally.  Those kinds of losses can affect the rest of your career, so it’s a good thing he went over to Ireland for a few weeks to clear his head.  Perhaps Adam Lambert should take a note from H-Town’s “Who Loves Ya Babay” notebook and take a little vacation for a while.  Because that kind of a loss is just embarassing.


One Response to “Is Adam Lambert the new H-Town?”

  1. H TOWN!!!!! Says:

    The thing is though everyone knew that Josh had a big opportunity if we got on Lane 2, my worse lane. Well what do you know, we got on lane 2. It may have been an upset, but to me, it was just another loss on lane 2 😦

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