Amazing Happens Again Tonight!

Tune in tonight as the Cavs pick up where they left off Friday night.  I’ve already said it and I’ll say it again…the Cavs will win this series 4-1.

Also, let’s cool it with the LBJ is better than Jordan talk. Seriously.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big King James fan and think he’s currently the best playing, but he’s not even in Jordan’s stratosphere yet.  Jordan won 6 titles.  Last time I check LBJ has none…..yet.  So pump the brakes a bit on the Jordan comparisons.

Oh, and enjoy the long weekend!


4 Responses to “Amazing Happens Again Tonight!”

  1. Petot Says:

    last time i checked Orlando is up 2 – 1

  2. skee4all Says:

    Wait about 12 hours then check again. 2-2.

  3. DA Says:

    It was Jordanesque; reminded me of what Jordan did to Cleveland….repeatedly!

  4. The One Says:

    I love coming back to this post to see how wrong you continue to be. Orlando matches up way to well against the Cavs. What more can Lebron possibly do?

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