Spider-Monkskee Wins 2 in a Row! (Raleigh Skeeball Skeeson II)

Vol II Issue 12 copy

I’ma Jump On You Like a Spider-Monkskee has just won their second match in a row and is slowly climbing the Raleigh rankings!  I know what you’re thinking, “2 in a row…that’s no big deal!”  Well, when you start the skeeson as rookies and go 0-4 and are sitting at the bottom of the pack, it is a big deal to win 2 in a row.

So if Elizabeth, Kristin, and Anna continue this hot streak and happen to make it into the playoffs, you better watch your back…because they’re on fire (and I’ve heard they’re getting some incredible rolling tips behind the scenes).

Cue the Walker and Texas Ranger video….


One Response to “Spider-Monkskee Wins 2 in a Row! (Raleigh Skeeball Skeeson II)”

  1. Lisa Jeffries Says:

    They were fun to roll against 🙂

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