Update – Spelling Bee Kids dropping like crazy!

Well, in just the past ten minutes, three straight kids have misspelled their words.  Yikes!

The finals are tonight at 8:00 and you can be damn sure that the TVs at The Bassment will be split between the Bee and the Cavs game.  Everyone get there before 8:00 and we’ll do a spelling bee pool.  Each person pays $5 and gets to pick a kid (sounds like a shady Taiwanese brothel).  If your kid wins the whole Bee, you get the pot. You thought competitive skeeball was exciting…wait until your kid is up in the spelling bee and see how worked up you get.

This kid below (Alex Wells) just got eliminated. He claims he’s 13. I’m calling shenanigans.  On stage he was rocking a full on goatee and was like 3 feet taller than the microphone.  He had to hunch over just to talk into it. He looked like he was at least 19 and possibly played defensive lineman for the Dillon Panthers.  There’s no way this kid is 13.  The picture below even serves as more proof because this was obviously taken at his senior prom.

Alex Wells


2 Responses to “Update – Spelling Bee Kids dropping like crazy!”

  1. Petot Says:

    how does that kid misspell SANTERIA!

    when the kid asks put it in a sentence the judge damn well sing “I Don’t Practice Santeria I ain’t got no crystal ball”

  2. Suni Says:

    indians have a monopoly on the spelling bee…Don’t f*ck with us

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