1021* — New Raleigh Record? (Raleigh Skeeball Skeeson II)

Vol II Issue 16 copy

Well, exactly one week after two teams broke the 900 barrier and set the record in Raleigh, the 1000 barrier was also broken.

Or was it?

Brandon “The Makers Marksman” Harris came to Raleigh for Week 8 and subbed in for Rollin’ On Extaskee and led them to an astonishing 1021 final score.  But the commish required them to asterisk that sh*t and to led the league decide.  Because that’s kinda like a men’s rec team picking up Michael Jordan as a sub.  Of course they’re going to dominate.  But I will say this – Brandon didn’t do it alone. Yes, he rolled a jaw-dropping 428, but it should be dually noted that Mr. Burgundy broke his own record by rolling a 346.

(Side note: it should also be noted that Skeet Shooters rolled a 908 as well…breaking their record of 906 from the previous week.)

So now I leave it up to you America.  Should the Brandon-assisted 1021 stand as the new Raleigh team record?  Or should Skeet Shooters keep the title with their 908?


4 Responses to “1021* — New Raleigh Record? (Raleigh Skeeball Skeeson II)”

  1. Duke Says:

    I don’t think another roller on Extaskee rolled over a 300 all skeeson… take away Brandon’s score and they don’t roll a 900.

    Skeetshooters record stands!

    • skee4all Says:

      In response to El Duke’s comment:

      Mr. Burgundy rolled over 300 5 out of the 8 weeks, and Sean rolled a 311 in Week 6 (and a 295 in Week 2). Don’t hate, just vote.

      • Ray's Big Head Says:

        Do I sense a bit of bias from the skee4all king since you were our latest victim? We all know that Brandon is freakin ridiculous, and with him on anybody’s team they would beat our score. The other 2 only have to roll 236.5 to beat 908! Come on WTF?

  2. Mr. Burgundy Says:

    We may have only had to roll a 236 but how many Raleigh rollers have rolled over a 34 average yet? Oh that’s right, one.

    So yes while brandon crushed it, the team wouldn’t have broken a grand had it not been for myself either. He had also rolled for others teams that night all of which didn’t come close to 900.

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