Playoffs Bracket Released (Raleigh Skeeball Skeeson II)

Skeeson II Playoff Bracket copy

First Round: Two of the matches are easy for me to call, while two leave me befuddled.  Good word.

Easy calls:  Skee Amigas over SpiderMonkskee — Sorry rookie chicks…I like you, but Wendy and crew are gonna stomp ya.  Practice in the off-skeeson and bring the heat in Skeeson III.

Skeetarded over Fans of Skee-Lo —  The boys of Skeetarded are 7-1 for a reason:  they don’t like to lose and they play smart.  Unless Jose, David, and The Mouth pull out a miracle upset, expect Skeetarded to cruise into the second round.

Tough Calls:  Tenacious Skee vs. Ali Baba and the 40 Skeeves — If I learned one thing from Skeeson I, it’s to never count Wes out.  He’ll talk his little trash, but then he’ll back it up.  After all, his squad did take down the #1 ranked team in the first round last skeeson.  However, WonderBoy, Elizabeth, and Brandy are a pretty lethal combo.  This game will come down to the 10th frame, with Tenacious Skee eeking it out.

John MacEnroll vs. The Big Lebowskees —  I know I know, this should be a clear cut win for Lebowskees, right?  But with rumors circulating that Jeff, aka Panda, might be missing the match due to prior obligations, one can only imagine that Gatskee would take advantage of the situation and pull out the upset.  Hmmmm…MacEnroll or Lebowskees…..Hmmmmm.  I think I’m gonna bank on Jeff not showing and put my money on The Great Gatskee to lead John MacEnroll to the second round.  Booyah!


#1 Skeet Shooters vs. #5 Skee Amigas

#2 Margaskeeta Man vs. #3 The Tim Skeebows


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