“I’m on a Boat!” But are you really?

(Heads up:  this is the unedited version of “I’m on a boat”.  If you have little kids around, or are at work, turn the volume down.)

So we all know I love this song.  And I also thoroughly enjoy acapella  music (for the most part), so naturally I think this is genius.

There’s only one problem: these kids aren’t on a boat.  At the very least couldn’t they have borrowed a prop boat from the theater department?  The whole time I was watching this I was like “No you’re not. No you’re not. Stop saying that. You’re not on a boat. No you’re not. You’re on a staircase in a dorm hallway.”

Also, they couldn’t have re-enacted the breakfast table part of the video?  That’s by far my favorite part of the entire thing. “I’m taking Dave….and……T-Pain!”

So long story short, I like it but I don’t.  Show ’em how it’s done, Andy….


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