Margaskeeta Man — Skeeson II Champs! (Raleigh Skeeball League Skeeson II)

Vol II Issue 19 copy

Skeeson II Playoff Bracket updated copy

As you can see, there were some major upsets again this skeeson.  Two rookie squads made quite the splash as their teams made it to the Final Four and an appearance on Super Saturday!

#12 I’ma Jump On You Like a SpiderMonkskee upset both the #5 seed and the #4 seed on their way to the Final Four, where they met their ultimate demise in the #1 team Skeet Shooters.


The #6 team, Skeetarded, also created quite the buzz as they upset the defending champions The Tim Skeebows in the second round. However, they didn’t bring the same fire and energy on Super Saturday and lost to the #2 squad Margaskeeta Man.

Vol II Issue 15 copy

In the championship match, it was #1 Skeet Shooters vs. #2 Margaskeeta Man.  These two teams had just faced off in Week 8 and Skeet Shooters had laid the smack down, winning 908 – 880.  Everyone expected similar results in this match – Ray and Duke were usually good for a 320 and Alexis had been stepping up her game every week.

But Margaskeeta Man had one thing on their side — experience.  They’d come into the playoffs ranked #1 in Skeeson I, only to lose in the first round to the #8 seed.  They knew the agony of major defeat and the bitter taste of losing in the playoffs.  And they were not going to let that happen again.  They came out of the gates rolling well and were ahead after the first frame.  After the second frame, they still had the lead and never looked back after that…leading the entire remainder of the match.

Margaskeeta Man = Skeeson II Champs!

Congrats to Matt, Desiree, and Brian on a great finish to an amazing skeeson!!!


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