I finally built a Skeeball Sand Sculpture!

So I’ve been doing this skeeball thing for over three years now.  When I first started I would spend hours scouring the web for anything skeeball related.  During my research, I came across two photos that haunted me for two very different reasons:

Picture 1:

If your parents really loved you

I couldn’t find a larger version of this, but it says “If your parents really loved you…they’d let you roll your own skee ball.”  Cute.  But look at this kid….wtf.  He looks more evil than that stupid red-haired freak from Problem Child.  This pic has been haunting me for a long time now.  I’m afraid I’ll run into this kid (or worse – the grown-up version of this kid) in the street some day and he’ll just start chucking skee balls at me.  Scary indeed.

Picture #2:


Here’s why this pic haunts me, since you asked:  a) he looks almost exactly like I did at age 4.  That’s a true story. b) I could never find any back story on this pic…..until recently.

This picture was included with an article entitled “Winning Sand Sculptures” in Disney’s FamilyFun Magazine:

Sculptors: The Keisers–Kip, Sue, Todd, age 15, and Erik, age 11

Location: Stone Harbor, New Jersey

No one remembers exactly when it was that the Keisers built their first beachfront Skee-Ball machine–the family has been vacationing on the South Jersey shore for thirty years. But once they did, there was no going back to inert old sand castles. A long-time favorite of boardwalk arcades, the machine apparently keeps its addictive appeal even when rendered from sand. Now if only the Keisers could figure out a way to get it to dispense those prize tickets.

So ever since coming across this I’ve decided that I too wanted to build a skeeball machine out of sand one day.  I figured there’d be no better time than the Farrell Family Beach Week down at Holden Beach.  So when I woke up the other day and saw that Google had made their home page a sand sculpture, I knew it was a sign.

Google sand copy

So I set out to conquer the beach with some helping hands (both little and big!)

I had conjured up images of a real life-size skeeball machine.  10′ long by 3′ wide, by 7.5″ tall.  About 20 minutes into the project, I realized this would not be happening….at least not on this attempt. So we spent about an hour or so working on a little skeeball lane.  And I think for a first attempt, it turned out pretty well:







3 Responses to “I finally built a Skeeball Sand Sculpture!”

  1. Ray's Big Head Says:

    it looks crooked like…..

  2. Melanie Says:

    Woot! 😀

  3. the stuntman Says:

    did you and Tom over tighten the hundo nets on these machines?

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