Charlotte Skeeball Goes Blonde! (Charlotte Skeeball League Skeeson X)

Vol X Issue 1 copy

To quote the ever clever Michelle Kemp, “Charlotte Skeeball just got a little bit ditzy but a lot more fun!”

Truer words have never been spoken.  With the unfortunate closing of Murphy’s Tavern, Charlotte Skeeball interviewed several different venues before finally deciding on Hef’s Bar and Blonde Lounge!

“We’re very excited to be hosting the league!  We’ve heard a lot about this skeeball crowd, so we’re looking forward to watching them first-hand and becoming the official home of The Charlotte Skeeball League!” said Mike Heafner, owner of Hef’s and Blonde.

The league will have two chances to register for Skeeson X and to get in some Free Skee practice on Wed, July 1 and Wed, July 8 beginning at 7:00.  The league will officially kick off Week 1 action on Wed, July 15th.

So get your rolling arms loosened up and c’mon out tomorrow night (wednesday, July 1st) for some Free Skee and to sign yourself up for Skeeson X !  The draft, the money ball, new venue, great specials….it’s going to be a very historic skeeson!

See everyone tomorrow night!  7:00 – ?


One Response to “Charlotte Skeeball Goes Blonde! (Charlotte Skeeball League Skeeson X)”

  1. H-Town Says:

    I am super excited about these new times. This may just be an H-Town summer!

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