Charlotte Skeeson IX Pre-Skeeson Rankings



After weeks of analysis, debating, and much controverskee, the Skeeson IX Pre-Skeeson Rankings have finally been released.  Rankings were determined by a combination of factors:  Previous skeesons performance, attendance and performance at the Skee 4 Free pre-skeeson events, and of course – good looks.  I’m kidding. Not really.


3 Responses to “Charlotte Skeeson IX Pre-Skeeson Rankings”

  1. A Says:

    “Don’t sleep on Sesame Skeet!”-per Brian Farrell (Skee for Free #2)
    🙂 We’re ready to roll!

  2. Pistol Petot Says:

    Don’t doubt 3 MSkee’s – 2 Brewskee Mugs and no r-e-s-p-e-c-t!!! I told BFarrell and i will tell all – 3 MSkee’s will have highest score this week for Wed division!!!!!!!!

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